How many spoons did YOUR dog wake up with today?

THE SPOON THEORY IS EVERYWHERE these days. What is it? It’s a way for a person living with a disability to explain the amount of energy available to him or her on a particular day. The kinds of things that can impact a person’s spoons are quality of sleep, level of pain, amount of stress, etc. Learn about the spoon theory as it applies to people here.

How does it apply to dogs? In a great blogpost, E. Foley explains:

Human Spoons vs. Dog Spoons

As a human, you choose how you spend your spoons. If you know you’ll need energy for a presentation to your boss at 3 pm, you’ll likely skip going out to lunch with your colleagues at noon. If your arthritis is bothering you, you can avoid doing tasks that are particularly painful. If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or in physical pain, you can choose to take a day off work and relax in front of cheesy daytime TV.

Dogs don’t get to choose how they spend their spoons. We do. Every day, we make decisions for our dogs. We decide which path our morning walk will take. We decide whether we want them to “meet” that new dog in the neighborhood. We decide whether the little girl next door can come over and play fetch. We decide to hug and kiss them. We decide to let the toddler use the dog for a pillow, or worse yet, a horse.

Read Foley’s entire post and then think about your dog. Are there days when you might be asking too much?

Basset Hound

Here’s the deal … it’s all about your dog living a balanced life: plenty of exercise, recuperative sleep, nutritious food, play time and time to just hang out and be a dog. Be mindful of your dog’s needs and barring unforeseen health issues or injury, your SD should have a long, productive working life.

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